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Bitcoin and top altcoins confidently go beyond the exchanges, becoming a real payment tool. One of the significant places in the list of what can be purchased with digital coins is real estate.

What People Say

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Gold, silver and bronze NFTs

Gold, silver and bronze NFTs represent the Russian project "Virtual Realtor" and its own token VRC. You can find full information in our telegram group: https://t.me/+U5c1N296r2BkZmQ6 📌Refinable📌 🥇https://goo.su/iUE5APC 🥈https://goo.su/O9suE9 🥉https://goo.su/GI8z1 Gold, silver and bronze NFTs represent the Russian project "Virtual...

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How Russians buy real estate for cryptocurrency

Transactions with any real estate using cryptocurrency are permitted in the US states of New York, California and Florida. Without problems, you can buy housing with it, rent an office or a store in England, Switzerland, Estonia and the emirate...

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